Strategic Success Groups

Built for small business owners like you, this exclusive group allows you to network with others all facing similar challenges in their cleaning business. You’ll get the opportunity to listen to well-renowned speakers and business owners, plus take part in friendly challenges and competition to help push you to the next level.



Get access to not only Liz, but other business owners who have solved the challenges you are facing right now.


With some friendly competition, we'll push each other to grow and improve. Through measured results, we'll track the progress you've made.


Meet business owners, just like you, and build a valuable network of people that can help grow your cleaning business.

Tools For a Profitable Business

Get ready! In this group, we'll be focused on solving the challenges that are holding your business back.

Strategic Success Groups Are Your Shortcut Success

Imagine a group where business owners just like you are working together to help each other grow and overcome obstacles. Pretty great right? Strategic Success Groups were not only created to give you a blueprint for success, but to create a family of people you can look to when things get tough.

You will find everything you need in this exclusive group and have access to some of the leading people in the cleaning industry. If you’re looking for a cheatsheet to your business’s success, this is a close as it gets.

Mastermind Accountability Groups are now known as Strategic Success Groups

We Highly Recommend The Strategic Success Groups

Robin Stevenson Jr. from Mrs. Clean Pittsburg

She Drives Me To Make The Tough Decisions

Liz is the nicest person that I know. She is also the firmest person that I know, and she drives me to make the tough decisions and confront the face the harsh realities that I encounter as a leader. This can mean dealing with personal and family issues too. So if you are thinking of working with Liz, get ready to reflect!   I am very fortunate to have found Liz early in my entrepreneurial journey.  I was deep into the “valley of despair” working 16-hour days, not making any money and worrying about how employable I would be if this didn’t work out.  Liz took me from that place to having a full management staff implemented and working solely on the business.  I now have faith that my business would be 100% self-sufficient without me.  Instead of leaving my business, I am still working with Liz to push it to the next level.  I have no doubt that she will guide me there, and I can build on my experience coaching with her to do it much faster than it took me to get to where I am now.

Chris Willatt from Alpine Maids in Denver Colorado. $1.5 mil

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