Introducing Our Completely Anonymous Advantage Groups

Providing Advantages For The Disadvantaged

The Advantage Leagues were created for a larger purpose than just business, they were made to extend our impact throughout the community and world. Together, we have the opportunity to make a HUGE impact within our community and with those who need our help the most. 

About The Advantage Leagues

Our Mission

The Mission is to provide advantage and create opportunity for Person, Community, World.

Our Vision

The Vision is for everyone to be part of creating a better world.

Our Values

Creating opportunity, Creating unity, being humble, being honorable, and having a generous spirit.

Advantage League Options

Pick the amount that you would be comfortable donating each month. This is a year-long commitment at minimum.

Advantage Leagues Best For Individuals

Donate $100/month

Silver League

- Spaces Available -

Donate $500/month

Gold League

- Spaces Available -

Donate $1,000/month

Platinum League

- Spaces Available -

Advantage Leagues Best For Companies/Corporations

Donate $5,000/month

Titanium League

- NO Spaces Available -

Donate $10,000/month

Tungsten League

- NO Spaces Available -

Donate $25,000/month

Diamond League

- NO Spaces Available -

How Does Donating Work?

When you join this group, you will be assigned a month that is unique to the other 11 members in the group (for example, September). When September rolls around, all 12 members of the group will put their monthly donation into a pot, which will be donated to the individual or foundation of your choice. This process occurs every month, for each member of the group.

To clarify, if you were in the Silver Group, which requires each member to donate $100/month; come September, you would be given $1,200 ($100 per member) for donation.

How Do We Select The Individual or Foundation That Receives The Money?

We have a pre-approved list of needs and groups that you can donate to immediately. If you have an individual or group that you’d like to donate to, which is not on the list, you can send a proposal for why they are a good choice. From there, we will review your proposal and let you know.

Will People Know That I'm In This Group?

No, this group is completely anonymous, so anyone involved in this group will be kept private.

How is The Money Donated Each Month?

You have two options:

Firstly, you can have the money donated by the group, rather than by you, the individual. For example, if you were in the Silver League, the name associated with the donation would be “Advantage Leagues” or “Advantage Leagues, Silver Group”

Alternatively, you can take the money and make the donation yourself. To give another example, if it was Christmas, you could purchase presents with the money from the group and personally deliver those gifts to the individual or group that has been chosen.