Join Us November 5th – 6th in El Dorado Hills, CA

2023 Goal Setting Workshop


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Guest Speaker Announcement!

Meaghan Likes Will Be Speaking

Meaghan Likes superpower is taking people’s fears out of their finances.  She owns 5 businesses in Northern California…. her favorite of which is her window cleaning business. And, while you wouldn’t guess it from her personality, Meaghan’s day “job” is working as a CPA. Meaghan’s passion is educating and empowering other business owners across the world, by teaching them how to find financial freedom in their own lives. She is known as a disrupter in the accounting industry and her claim to fame is showing small business owners how to do their own bookkeeping correctly in less than 1 hour per month using Quickbooks Online. No accounting knowledge or experience required. She teaches business owners smarter ways to make money, save money, and will inspire you to give back in meaningful ways.

My Company Grew From Half a Million To $2.5 Million in Sales!

I am a huge believer in Master Mind Groups. I was in a Group that helped my company grow from half a million in sales to $2.5 million in sales. However Mastermind Groups are even more effective with a strong leader and I would want to be in any group Liz was leading.

Laura Smith

Officially Hit The One Million Dollar Club!

So I have some AMAZING NEWS TODAY! It’s official! One Organized Mom has officially moved to the ONE MILLION DOLLAR club today!! I just want to give a BIG shout to this amazing group and our fearless leaders Liz Trotter, Derek Christian, and Tom Stewart for showing us what we were capable of! I know that we could’ve done it on our own but we got there a lot faster with your guidance and helping us to lay the foundation for the success of our business! I just want to thank you all so much for offering your knowledge, sharing your mistakes and celebrating the wins!! This business is a tuff business but when you’re surround by rockstars it makes it much more doable! Thank you all again! Ok, enough celebrating now on to 2M$!!

Heather Canning

Join Us in El Dorado Hills, CA For The 2023 Goal Setting Workshop

Event Location

El Dorado Hills, CA

Event Dates

11/5 - 11/6